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Refused Reunion Tour

Some really great photos, words and video of the Refused reunion over at the Hundreds. Band’s official reconnection statement on their site. Wish I was at this show at the Glass House in Pomona, California - energy levels look off the charts.

Refused was supposed to be the answer to everything. Their third album The Shape of Punk to Come: A Chimerical Bombination in 12 Bursts was supposed to share the message. But when the ’90s hardcore band released The Shape of Punk to Come at the end of that decade, their niche audience was unready and unprepared. The climate of the mid-1990s hardcore scene was chokers, basketball jerseys, and baggy pants, so imagine the reception of a straight-laced set of European moptops, clad in skinny suits and spinning flashy dance moves a la Ian Curtis meets Michael Jackson. Furthermore, while most progressive hardcore at the time was geared towards a militant call for Straight Edge or veganism,

Refused was hell-bent on dismantling capitalism. Singing from the far-left, the disc’s lyric booklet acted more as an inflammatory political manifesto. The cherry on top: the sound wasn’t the brutal brooding metal of contemporary peers, it was infused with jazz and drum n’ bass, outside sounds that were unlike anything punk in nature. The directive was that true punk music should sound, and stand, apart from what the mainstream music industry had asborbed as commercial “punk” music.

"The Pitch" Reality Advertising TV Show airs Tonight 10pm EST on AMC

Can’t wait to see how awfully bad this show is going to be. I think the last time someone attempted this show concept, it was that remarkable “pitch process” video for Subway, which was truly painful, and very awkward to watch.

The pitch trailer:
Hilarious fail:

Advertising gets a new spotlight in April with the premiere of the AMC reality series, “The Pitch,” an inside look at how creative agencies compete to prove their ideas are the best. Though the real-life experience may not be as glitzy glam as the world of “Mad Men,” the series provides a fascinating take on the difficulties of creative gimmicking, the struggle to both stumble upon a golden thought, and convince someone else of its worth.

via Zap2it.

Kool Keith retires from the rap game and drops new album

Just learned about this. Dope new video (song wise and visually), strong beats and upcoming album dropping in June named “Love and Danger.” Download here. Really excited for this after watching this video. Can I have my own autograph?


Kool Keith has been in the rap game since the ’80s, but he’s now reportedly planning on making his exit from the business. Before he does that, however, he’ll be releasing one more album. Entitled Love & Danger, it will be out on June 5 via Junkadelic/Fat Beats.

The album’s last track is called “Goodbye Rap,” and it apparently acts as his farewell to the music biz. In a statement, Keith said, “This is probably my last project. You just got the last of the vocals of me. I’m quitting the game. Goodbye, rap.”

It remains to be seen whether Kool Keith will keep his word, since he would hardly be the first MC to retire and then return (right, Jay-Z?). And his use of the word “probably” means that the future’s still open.

Whatever the case may be, Love & Danger was produced by DJ Junkaz Lou.

"The Love & Danger album was a chance for me to be myself and do different things," Keith said. "It was me going through all kinds of temperatures — my highest of coldness to my highest of hotness, which is a lot like love and danger."

Watch the video for album track “New York” below.


PAL-V One - The Flying Car

The vision of a flying car is finally realized. via Engadget.


Dutch company PAL-V christened its flying car the, uh, PAL-V ONE — short for Personal Air and Land Vehicle. Like the Terrafugia Transition flying car, the PAL-V ONE also sports a push propeller, which it uses for forward speed. The Dutch flying car, however, doesn’t have side wings and relies on an auto-rotating rotor to create lift instead. The vehicle — which supposedly complies with all air and road traffic regulations in major markets — chugs good, old regular gas (biodiesel and bio-ethanol versions are planned as well) for a range of 350 to 500 kilometers in the air and about 1,200 kilometers on the ground. For more adventurous land drivers, the PAL-V ONE also features a “cutting-edge system” for tilting at windmills, allowing it to power through curves like a motorcycle. See it in action in the video after the break, along with some company PR.

Wind Map Data Visualization

Gorgeous data visualization by Fernanda Wattenberg, AKA showcasing the “invisible, ancient source of energy surrounds us—energy that powered the first explorations of the world, and that may be a key to the future.” Check it out here.

Wesley Willis Documentaries

Cool set of documentaries about singer / songwriter / artist / street performer Wesley Willis (R.I.P. 2003) from Chicago. Thanks Drew. Vampire bat!

A portrait of the self proclaimed rock ‘n’ roll star and “Chicago City Artist.”
Despite impossible odds, Chicago native, Wesley Willis became an underground rock icon, revered artist and hero to many before his untimely death in 2003. Through his force of personality and his artistic talents, Wesley’s music and art attracted people from all walks of life. This film follows the prolific artist on his journey from obscurity to fame.

[youtube] [/youtube]

Never before seen short documentary focusing on Wesley’s art. I knew Wesley for a number of years from the early to late 80s. I made this in 1988. This YouTube upload is the first time this video has ever been made public. I have been told that it is the only footage of Wesley drawing and explaining his drawing. RIP, Wesley.


Masquerade Cat Tattoo by Cris Cleen

Super stoked on this new tattoo Cris did on my bicep from his newest flash. Not the best photo (my apologies), but a brilliant and conceptual tattoo I really wanted to share. So stoked to have this, and so excited to get more work done by Cris now that we are living in New York… The red stuff around the sides of the cat is bruising, not part of the design.